Welcome to Texas Shadow Chasers ,

We are excited you have chosen to visit.  Please take some time to look around the site and share your comments as well.  Everyone at Texas Shadow Chasers loves what we do and we want to share it with you.  The history,  the excitement, the stories we’ve all experienced.

Our Mission and Goal is to Keep History alive while learning the truth of the past and the stories the spirits pass on to assist us.  In this world we live in today,  it seems society is  looking to change history, change our past and in some cases remove it completely.  If we allow this to continue and do not pass on some type of information from these historic sites and from these spirits that occupy them,  these stories will be torn  away, these loved ones, yours,  mine,  ancestors their stories will die. We live in a world now that is trying to erase the past.  We need to keep it alive.   Their processes, cultures, struggles good and bad.  All of this information is what makes us better people today.  We are seekers of the truth, seekers of  the past and the untold stories.

We vow to keep their story alive and keep the truth alive.

We do not conjure up spirits with spells, Ouija boards or séances to bring out spirits.   We listen to the stories that are told of the past and the activity experienced and try to identify,  is the spirit trying to communicate to their love ones, correct a wrong or just need some form of prayer to assist them to move on to be with God the Father. Sometimes the activity can be explained, sometime it can not.  But we try to ease the minds of all involved,  if possible.

If you make a request anything other than this you will need to seek assistance elsewhere.

Some Spirits may only need to be ask one simple question, “How can I help you?”  “Do you need us to pray for you?”   We may need to say a simple Prayer or the rosary may need to be said to assist them out of Pergatory.  We will pray and assist all the spirits.

If there is a evil entity – we will not address this.   These entities are not safe.  If we ever feel there is a threat we will not stay in the location and advise some other form of assistance be called on such as a priest or religious assistance and push to have it removed from the location until the location has been cleansed.

So look around at some of our past investigation and we will be sharing our future ones as well.  Hope to hear your suggestions and comments.

If you need assistance please send an  email we are always ready to assist and can schedule a site visit.

Thank you

Norma Long – Texas Shadow Chasers

God Bless