June 17th 2017 – Pioneer Village – Gonzales, Texas – Location said their was a whistler and singing in the church and  on the grounds.  When we were leaving the church we did not see or hear the whistles or singing.  Only later after reviewing the audio we found this.

Will have a return visit to the Pioneer Village.  A location that was fun to investigate and try out equipment.

Moulton Texas Home – Male voice caught on tape.  September 2017 Lavaca County Texas,  This Home was built in the 1900’s and the owners had activity hearing voices and doors closing and opening.

Believed to be Original owners of the home,  They loved their home they did not want to leave.    Very beautiful location.  I would not want to leave as well.  Listen and leave a comment if you like.   Can you hear the male voice?  Can you identify what he may have said?