Myrtle Plantation

Excitement is building – Randy and I have waited this whole trip to arrive at the Myrtle Plantation. We watched other investigators on television investigate here so we know what lies ahead and wanted to experience this for ourselves. It was a beautiful fall day. We had already visited many of the plantations on our travels through Louisiana but this was the ONE! Randy and I of course are amateur ghost hunters. I consider us a still amateurs because we are always learning more and more on every investigation about this field. Everyone is a Amateur in this field because there is still so much to be discovered. We knew very little about what we were doing on this trip and only had recorders, a EMF detectors that light up and of course our cameras with no IR lighting, and our instincts.

We pull up to what seem to us, massive gates. All decorated in the fall d├ęcor, beautiful Pumpkins, fall foliage. What lies past these gates for us? Will we be disappointed, will we be running for the hills? Only time will tell. The excitement is already building as we enter in to this place of unknown fear.

Excitement overcomes us as we enter into this eyrie scenery, not knowing what to expect on our adventure ahead. Lets move forward and see if we can get a room in this massive location. Driving up the long road to the home, all you see are moss filled oaks lining the drive. A beautiful site! Statues strategically placed about the property. You know it had meaning to the long time plantation owners at a time in the past. They too have their own stories to tell and what these silhouettes could have seen would make you shutter in fear. These cement art masters have their own meanings. Then we drive around the corner and there it is nestled behind the moss filled trees. The Myrtle Home!

Yes we are in! The office was a trailer off to the left away from the house and we parked next to the trees and went in. Spoke to the star from the interviews on Ghost Adventures to see if we could get a room. YES! We are in the Myrtle Home up stairs and we are the only couple here for the night. Now if that doesn’t scare a couple of amateurs, I don’t know what will. We’ll take it! This is what we were waiting for. We pulled out our luggage and hauled it up the stairs, or should I say Randy hauled it up the stairs, to the bedroom at the top hoping we will get some sleep for the night after our investigation of this scary location. Exciting during the day but at night it brings a whole new anxious feeling to the location. Time will only tell. Lets do some adventure seeking and familiarize ourselves with the grounds before night fall. OH BOY NIGHT FALL!

The pictures above are some of the beautiful items and scenery we were blessed to see while we were at the Myrtle Plantation and a couple other Plantations Visited while there. The mirror that I have 2 photos, is said to be haunted. Did we experience this haunting. Sorry to say no. I just continued to snap photos in hopes to catch something. Just something, please. Ok so back to my story.

This beautiful Antebellum Style Home was built in 1776 by “Whiskey Dave” – General David Bradford – before the Civil War. He obtained a land Grant for his 650 acre property from the 5th Baron de Corondelet ( Francisco Luis) 1791-1797 the governor of the Spanish Colonies of Louisiana and South Florida at the time. Records show after General David Bradford passed away Judge Clark Woodruff managed the Plantation for his mother in law Elizabeth Bradford. He was the husband to their daughter Sarah. He married Sarah in 1817 but is said to have dies in 1823 Sarah dies of yellow fever but only after having their 3 children Cornelia, James and Octavia. But documents show Sarah died in New Haven Dec 6th 1851 60 years old. Story told In 1824 his son and one daughter Cornelia died as well with yellow fever (disease found in the tropics spread by the mosquito’s) Judge Clark Woodruff died in New Orleans Nov 25 1851.

The night passes and we walk the grounds a short while. We are extremely excited and scared at what the night will bring. We are left a phone number to call if we need assistance but we are concerned because we had not seen anyone at all deep into the night. While in our room upstairs I am watching out the window hoping to see someone and a car pulls in. We have the only car in the lot and then the car sits there for awhile – this raises concern so I call the number and we finally see the grounds keeper come out of the office trailer. I am a little more relaxed at that point but there is the rest of the night and WHAT LIES AHEAD!

So the night continues on and I wait patiently for something to happen. You know how you are so excited to finally be able to go on the hunt you had been waiting. Adrenaline is high and you just want your lights to start flickering. NOTHING! NOTHING! Randy heads for the bed and guess who is alone to wait. Yep – ME! Die Hard Ghost Hunter – just too scared to close my eyes. Yes even if Randy is there. Whats he gonna do. Save me? Not while he’s sleeping. God Bless Him.